Medico-Technical offer


  1. The medical and para-clinical examinations unit

The various services offered by the Medicine Unit and para-clinical examinations include:

  • General Medicine Consultations
  • Neurology consultations
  • Neuro-pediatric consultations
  • ENT Consultations (Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • Trauma consultations (Orthopedics, bone surgery: fractures, malformations, etc.).
  • External care
  • Laboratory examinations
  • Radiology examinations

The CNRPH was created in 1971.

Today its medico-technical offers have evolved. These include:

  • Offers device resolutions.
  • Offers versatile functional rehabilitation services. By physical, mechanical agents, hydrotherapy, gypso therapy, manual therapy.
  • Physiotherapy treatment for pathologies or sequelae (low back pain, paralysis, etc.)
  • Speech therapy and audiophonology care adapted to the lower back (speech language, rehabilitation of hearing impairments)
  • Les soins ergothérapie et de psychomotricité adaptés aux pathologies (hémiplégies   IMC…)
  •  Be preventive through therapeutic education once a week (ergonomics, back hygiene)
  • Supervision of students and research
  • Making, repair, use of orthoses, prostheses
  • Education on adapting walking accessories to local context
  • Manufacture of aluminum splints and shoes, insoles, orthopedic to correct feet in "X", "brains"
  • Manufacture and overhaul of wheelchair tricycles, canes and corsets.
  • Manufacture of hearing aids.

NB: Environment par excellence for research on sensory, motor and mental handicap

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